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3 weeks ago– 2020
We were introduced to Mark Thompson from MPS Advocates during a very trying time when we were entangled with a deceptive and highly inept real estate agent. Discussing the situation with Mark turned out to be a Godsend! (NB: when we outlined the situation without naming names, he knew exactly who we were talking about – it was reassuring to know Mark had the insider knowledge of reputations within the industry!). Mark became our Vendors Agent, listening to us and offering us valuable advice and guidance, setting us up with an Agent who worked WITH us to sell our house in a professional manner. A champion for the underdog, Mark is genuinely interested in helping his clients achieve the best result possible. Up to date with market knowledge and housing trends, Mark Thompson knows all the tricks of the real estate trade agents use to railroad or exploit novice home owners/buyers, advising and providing us with alternative strategies to consider. After successfully selling our house with Mark’s services we later called upon him to assist us in buying a home interstate. Finding the right home was a long process, but Mark was very giving of his time regardless of the late evenings or weekends, consistently following up on our interest in houses, researching homes we liked, gaining inside information from contacts, supporting us when we were out-offered, and even simply checking in when nothing was of interest for a while. When we finally found the right house, Mark was right on hand with his consultation expertise, and his experience in strategy and negotiating know-how saved us thousands. In short, Mark’s skills in the field, confidence, good nature, and determination to help his clients achieve an outcome they are happy with makes for an excellent Buyer and Vendor Advocate. If you want an advocate who you can trust and who truly wants to help you, we highly recommend Mark Thompson of MPS Advocates.
18 hours ago– 3rd March  2020
As our buyer’s advocate, Mark helped us secure our first home through an offer and dutch auction process after just 5 months of searching. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the housing market as well as what is involved in the buying process. He always ensured that we were looking at properties that would be a good investment over time. Mark is a very charismatic person and easy to get along with, thus he is quick at establishing a good rapport with real estate agents and confidently negotiating with them. He is also a firm and confident bidder, just what you need when you’re trying to secure a house in a dutch auction process.

We could tell that Mark really cares about his clients and is passionate about what he does, as he would often remind us after many inspection flops, that it didn’t matter to him how long it took, so long as we secured home that was within our budget and we were happy with it. He was also very generous with his time and energy, allowing us to call him outside of work hours and even coming with us to a few house inspections.

Mark is a kind individual who values his clients and thus we highly recommend his services as a buyer’s advocate. I am sure many people think that paying for a buyer’s advocate is a frivolous expense but from our experience with Mark, his knowledge and expertise was worth every penny. Whether we buy or sell in the future, ask for his services again. We cannot thank him enough.



Buyer Advocacy


Mary- Anne Candy  Glen Iris

Ph 0438 074 111

My husband and I had been trying to find the right house for us for more than a year.
We were losing heart when a friend suggested taking on a buyer advocate. This recommendation specified Mark Thompson; not just any buyer advocate.
After our first meeting we engaged Mark to help us, and it was the best thing we ever did.
We were delighted with Mark’s honesty and forthright approach, quite apart from his hard work and depth of knowledge of the Melbourne housing market.
Perhaps Mark’s greatest strength is his dogged determination to get the best possible outcome for us, his clients. He really takes enormous pleasure from having truly satisfied clients. This characteristic makes him a very special advocate in real estate.
We have recommended Mark to a number of friends and family who have been thrilled with outcomes achieved on their behalf, as both a buyer and vendor advocate.
We have no hesitation in commending Mark’s services to anyone wishing to buy or sell Melbourne real estate.


Grant Cairns  Melbourne

Ph  0403 519 678


Mark Thompson has saved us a lot of money, provided a lot of excellent advice, and removed a lot of stress from the whole process. Over the last 12 months, we have sold one property and bought another. Mark helped us with both of these. The property we sold was in far north Queensland. We initially felt completely powerless: we didn’t know the property market there, we didn’t know anyone there who could act on our behalf, and we knew the property had serious issues (including termites). Mark was wonderful: he arranged a property evaluation, advised a choice of real estate agent, and then advocated absolutely tenaciously on our behalf over a period of several weeks. I am certain he saved us $20,000 on the deal. But even more importantly, he saved us a lot of stress. When low offers came in, my wife would ask “shouldn’t we accept that offer” (she was very keen to sell), but I could just reply: “let Mark do the worrying about this”. The property we bought is an apartment in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. We spend 12 months looking for the perfect place; we had a lot of boxes we wanted ticked, and a very limited budget. Mark gave us a lot of advice along the way. We would have exchanged well over 100 emails and phone calls with him over the year. On several occasions, when we became serious about a property, Mark inspected it with us, to give us his advice. We went to auction on one occasion; Mark did the bidding for us but it went for more than we were willing to pay. Undaunted, Mark continued to make suggestions for possible apartments, and eventually we found the perfect one. I gave Mark a price I thought was reasonable, and Mark negotiated the deal, saving us $30,000 below the price I was willing to pay. We have just spent our first weekend in our new apartment. Words can’t describe how happy we both are. The apartment has everything: location, parking, magnificent views, excellent fittings. And we got it at a price we can afford. We wouldn’t be here, looking out across the city on this beautiful sunny morning, if it wasn’t for Mark Thompson. Thanks Mark!




Geoff Ellis  Heidelberg Heights

Ph  0400 015 769

We appreciated and valued Mark’s input and commitment as we searched for our new home. Mark’s expertise, guidance and market knowledge helped shape our decision and led us towards a new home that we are excited about. An agent may only deal with a buyer for a very short time, but agents must maintain a good working relationship with a buyers advocate for many years – this was a real benefit Mark brought to our search.