Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can a vendor advocate assist me?

A: Using a vendor advocate save you time and stress of interviewing and selecting the agents. It can be very stressful analysing market conditions and managing the marketing strategies to maximise the selling price of your home.

Q: Does a vendor advocate cost?

A: Vendor advocacy comes at no additional cost when you are selling your home , but the service comes at no extra cost to the client. The vendor advocate fee is taken out of the agent’s normal selling commission.

Q: How does a vendor advocacy service work?

Vendor advocates provide comparable sales in your area to provide you with independent advice on the value of your home. Interviewing and analyse each real estate agent’s appraisal and marketing schedules – therefore saving you time and money. Overseeing and analysing the marketing throughout the duration of your campaign and making any adjustments if necessary and attending some open inspections and provide total transparency with feedback on what buyers are saying about your property.

Q: Can the vendor advocate assist you in preparing your home for sale?

A: The advocate will give independent advice on presentation and arrange an interior stylist to make recommendation at no cost to you. They can also assist to co- ordinate contractors to assist you minor maintenance jobs to prepare your property for sale

Q: Will a vendor advocate be there for support on auction day?

A: Yes. The vendor advocate will supervise the auctioneer, give recommendations on the reserve, structure vendor bids and be involved in any negotiations

Q: The vendor advocate has a professional relationship with the agent and how will that assist me?

A: Motivate the agent to get you the best possible price as the agent understands that the vendor advocate may bring ongoing listings, whereas and the seller is often never seen again after the sale is completed. This results in enhanced accountability for the agent to vendor advocate and the owner.



Q: How can a buyer advocate assist me?

A: My personalised service provides independent, professional advice to ensure you buy a quality property  at the best possible price and  I have the  specialist skills to help assess and negotiate on your behalf.  I have an excellent grasp of the real estate market in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Q: How does a buyer advocacy service work?

A:   As a professional Buyer advocates  I conduct due diligence and buying property for you which will save you  time and stress. By identifying your areas and precise needs, I will streamline the search process and you will no  longer have to waste precious weekends being frustrated by the underquoting that some agents provide when selling some properties  or inspecting properties that that do not meet your search criteria. I have  strong networks within  real estate agents throughout suburban Melbourne and  often have access to off market properties.  Different services and fee structures include:  full buyer advocacy service, due diligence and negotiation and bidding at auction only.

 Q: Can a buyer’s advocate help me save money?

A: In my role as a  buyer’s advocate  I can independently appraise property and assess current market values using my research through comparable sales which gives you a benchmark for what the property is really worth. This can save you many thousands of dollars.

Q: Will a buyer’s advocate deal with the real estate agent on my behalf?

A:  A real estate agent’s job is to sell you a property for the highest possible price and their high pressure sales techniques can be overwhelming for many home buyers who do not have the expertise to handle the maze of the property search. I have extensive  negotiation skills that level the playing field and this will assist  you to  buy a property for the best price possible.

Q: Can a buyer’s advocate bid on my behalf at auction?

A: Yes. Negotiating for your own property or bidding at auction can be a daunting process. My experience in auction bidding is extensive  having bid and negotiated dozens of successful purchases  for clients over many years. I  will bid or negotiate on your behalf with confidence and vast experience.            I  create a presence at an auction when bidding that often is intimidating for other buyers.

Q: How are you independent?

A: I am totally independent and my references which are located on my web site provide not only names of clients but email addresses and phone numbers. I encourage you   to contact   any of my former clients to discuss my total professionalism and independence. I am fully licenced estate agent.  I also hold academic qualifications in the education field as a former secondary school teacher.

Q: What areas do you operate in? 

A:  I search and acquire property in the Melbourne metropolitan area

Q: How do we put a value on a property?

A: I substantiate my valuation of the property  through comparable sales and my judgment on the location of the property and other factors that determine it’s value.

Q: What is the cost of my service?

Option 1  My fee is a flat fee of $7,700.  There is no up-front fee (most buyer advocates charge between 1.8% and 2.5 % of the purchase price of the property) and  I will continue to search indefinitely until I locate a suitable property for my client.I would obtain a search criteria from yourself of what you require and then email   properties that I believe could meet your requirements in the particular suburbs you have identified.  You would view them initially yourself.    If you are interested in purchasing a particular property, I would then inspect the property immediately, conduct research into the value of the property through comparable sales in the area and  RP Data research of sales history in any Melbourne street. This is important as agents underquote to entice buyer interest and often mislead the public on price expectations. My research on comparable sales allows me to give you the client a more accurate indication of what the selling price will be.

Option 2

Should you decide to locate the property yourself and engage me for the bidding or negotiation only, my fee would be $3,200, if successful (if I am unsuccessful, a fee of $550.00 would be applicable per engagement).    Included in this service would be researching recent prices (RP Data agent access only) to guide you in the value of the property you intend buying and inspecting it and provide you with comparable sales within the area you have searched. Investigating the reserve price for auction day, the level of buyer interest and plan bidding tactics for the auction.