Buyer Advocacy ( Buying a Property)


What  is our  role as your  Buyer’s Advocate?

  • Establish your requirements

At our initial consultation, we help you establish your criteria, ie type of property, suburbs preferred, price range, and amenities available.

  • Property Search

We undertake a comprehensive search and inspection of properties in line with your stated criteria.
We have access to unlisted properties and we are notified directly by agents of properties before they are listed on the market.

  • Prioritisation

We prioritise properties identified within your criteria and present them to you.  We can include –

  • Digital photos of all the rooms and streetscape
  • Location map showing transport, schools, etc
  • Floor plans (where available).

We arrange inspection times for you to view the properties.

  • The Property – Evaluation and Assessment

We prepare a detailed report of the property.
We arrange pest and building inspections (client invoiced directly by supplier).
We arrange for Contact of Sale to be reviewed by solicitors to identify any issues with the property (client invoiced directly by supplier).

  • Research

We ascertain the level of interest in the property.
We investigate the settlement terms the vendor prefers.
We identify other negotiation factors.
We assess capital growth potential in the area based on historical and future growth trends and economic indicators.
We obtain property history, ie last sold price/renovations undertaken.
We determine value using comparable sales in the area.
We arrange a sworn valuation, on request (client invoiced directly by supplier).

  • Purchase the Property

Once a property has been selected, a purchase strategy is developed, ie pre-auction offer, auction strategy or negotiation tactics identified for private sale/treaty properties.

    • Pre-Auction

We submit a bid prior to the auction based on our commitment to securing the property at the lowest possible price and best buyer conditions.

    • Auction Bidding

We employ an auction strategy to secure the property for the lowest possible price and bid at the auction on your behalf, reducing stress and emotion associated with bidding.

    • Post-Auction Negotiation

We negotiate  the acquisition of the property on your behalf, should the property be passed in.

    • Private Sale

We submit an offer based on our commitment to securing the property at the lowest price and the best terms possible.

What are the benefits of the Buyer Advocacy service?

  • Save time

As your Buyer’s Advocate can save you the lengthy time involved in locating and researching the right properties.  Rather than spending your weekends researching and visiting open for inspections, Melbourne Property Solutions find your property while you focus on your family, work or other more important aspects of your life.  It takes many hours of searching to find the right property.

  • Have someone representing your interests

Sales agents work for sellers and are obliged to get the highest possible price for the seller.  Melbourne Property Solutions  on the other hand, works solely on your behalf and has access to the same sales data as selling agents, gaining a wider choice of properties through information about “off market” properties that are not listed with an agent.

  • Contract negotiations

As your  Buyer’s Advocate we  negotiate on your behalf and help you acquire your desired property at the lowest possible price.  Melbourne Property Solutions will also aim to include special clauses into the contract to protect your interests.  Buyers who choose to go it alone, without knowledge of real estate contracts, are often forced to use the clauses recommended by the sales agent, which are intended to benefit the seller.

  • Secure the properties at the best possible price

Melbourne Property Solutions is a property expert who keeps up-to-date with price movements and recognizes when a property is competitively priced.  Our  expertise can not only help you locate a good property, but also to acquire a property at a lower price than you would be able to on your own and determine the prospects of capital growth in the chosen suburb.

  • Receive impartial and independent advice

 Melbourne Property Solutions will give you impartial advice regarding your property purchase, whereas the seller’s agent must represent the seller and try to secure the highest possible price for their client. As your Buyer’s Advocate we will dedicate the time and attention to find a property that is right for you. We eliminate the stress and frustration of being shown inappropriate and unsuitable properties by real estate agents pushing their own agenda’s.

We work independently to assess the value of the property chosen before you buy to determine the true current market value. Using Melbourne Property Solutions   allow  the owner make  to make informed choices based on research and expertise with the co-ordination of all the support services, such as solicitors and building inspectors.